Bộ điều khiển 32 cửa iMDC

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Bộ điều khiển 32 cửa iMDC

Dependable Fault Tolerant Systems for faultless operation
- Able to set up for redundant between iMDC-Main
- User configurable relay output available for device(iMDC-RIM) error
- Self-diagnosis of device to automatically reset the system

Large-Scale Capability
- Complete control of a maximum of 16 Remote Interface Modules (Controlling up to 32 Doors)
- Max.128 supervised inputs (cut off check) port / Max 128 supervised output (Relay) port
- 200,000 users / Up to 200,000 event buffers
- 128 Time Schedules - Elevator Control

Unprecedented Scalability and Adaptability
- Easily expandable by simply adding Remote Interface Modules (RIMs)
- Flash memory allows convenient firmware upgrades
- Reports alarm conditions with user-defined priority levels

Unrivalled Level of Security
- Encryption for protection of data communication
- Supervises the cables to input devices for detection any disconnection or failures
- Enhanced anti-pass back features
: Local / Zone / Global anti-pass back
: Hard / Soft / timed anti-pass back
- Two-person Rule / Duress mode
- Door Open Alarm and Door Forced Alarm
- Missing cards management

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